Lookout towers in the Euroregion Nisa – 1st part

The overview of the most interesting lookout towers in the Euroregion Nisa – in the Czech Republic, 1st part.

ČERNÁ STUDNICE (The Black Fount)

The first vantage point were built in 1885. Today´s stone lookout tower, that was built later, in 1905,  is connected to a touristic chalet. In summer, you may go up to the hill by a train from the trip areal Pencin. The dominant feature of the district of Jablonec is 26 metres high and there are 91 steps. At the top of the lookout tower, you may see Jablonec nad Nisou, the Jested ridge, the Jizera mountains, the Bohemian Paradise and the Krkonose. Near by the lookout tower, there is a nature trail, opened in 2009. The trail presents the precious woods that are to be found in the surrounding forests or the woods that already disappeared.  


On the hill Dubecko, in the altitude 399 m, there is an iron tower with wooden terrace. It is a lookout tower as well as a transmission tower. The tower is 50 metres high, there are 178 steps and it was built in 2001. The visitors may see different parts of Czech Paradise – the Klokocsky hills, Kozakovsky hill, but also castles Bezdez and Trosky. History lovers will appreciate the visit of the near ruin of chateau Rotstejn from 13th century.

FRÝDLANTSKÁ ROZHLEDNA (The Frydlant Lookout Tower)

The first lookout tower on the Frydlant heights was built in 1890. The visitors used this lookout tower in the altitude 399 metres until 1906, when it was taken down because of its bad technical conditions. The brick lookout tower with restaurant, that was built right after that, was used until the beginning of the WWI. In 50s, it was still closed for the public and it served as a beacon. The first visitors returned to the lookout tower in 1979 and from that time, they may enjoy the view on the Jizera mountains, the wind power plants on Vysoky and Poland.


The lookout tower on Jested, the dominant feature of city Liberec, is very well known. Formerly, there was a wooden lookout tower, but it was torn down and from 1966 to 1973, the construction of a hotel and the transmission tower took place. The architect of the tower is Karel Hubacek. He received the award of the International Union of Architects – the Perret Price. The tower is situated in altitude 1012 metres and the transmission tower is 93 metres high. In order to get up to the hill, visitors may use one of the oldest cable car in the Czech Republic.


Kopanina is a lookout tower situated at the border of Czech inland and German borderlands, so it automatically became an imaginary guardian of this boarder. The lookout tower, that was built by the Club of Czech Tourists, is situated in altitude of 657 metres and it is 21 metres high. From the protected terrace, the visitors may admire the Jizea mountains, Jested, Kozakov and Bezdez.


This lookout tower is very unique, because it was built from the former ski jump K-70. The lookout tower reminds the visitors of a goblet of vine, because of its terrace. The terrace is situated in 28 metres above the ground and the visitors will see the local ski jumping areal, but also many Czech mountains, for example the Krkonose, the Lusatian mountains and the Central Bohemian Uplands. There are 91 steps leading to the top of the lookout tower, but people coming from the former landing area need to climb 235 extra steps. The lookout tower was awarded as the Price of Sympathy in the competition: The Building of the Year in 2007.

Other interesting lookout towers in the Euroregion Nisa are to be discovered HERE (the Czech Republic, 2nd part), HERE (Germany, 1st part) and HERE (Germany, 2nd part).

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