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pruvodceCourse for general tour guides

pruvodce pro region prahaCourse for tour guides for Prague
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pruvodce po prazeServices for tour guides

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Course for general tour guides

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We will teach you:

památky Prahywork of professional tour guide
pražské památkyto prepare an interesting presentation on places visited
prahato take on an excursion from a travel agency
pruvodcehow to conduct your own excursion
prácihow to find work as a tour guide

delegátAdvantages of working as a tour guide:
pruvodce po prazetravel throughout the world and around the Czech Republic
kongresyopportunity to take part in several interesting events
osobní rustevery day brings new experiences and information
vední oboryyou obtain information from several branches of knowledge
cestování po praze active use of your language skills
prátele na celém sveteopportunity to make several new friends

We teach:
historie a dejiny kulturyhistory and cultural heritage
geografie cestovního ruchugeography of travel and tourism
ekonomika cestovního ruchueconomics of travel and tourism
technika cestovního ruchutechnology of travel and tourism
metodika prace pruvodce working method of tour guide
rešení mimorádných situací v cest. ruchusolution of exceptional situations in travel and tourism

tourist guideScope of authorisation: Examination "General tour guide" is valid for all travel agencies in the field of domestic travel and tourism (accompanying Czech tourists
in the Czech Republic) and foreign tourism, meaning that you can accompany
Czech tourists abroad and foreign tourists within the territory of the Czech Republic.

This course is suitable also for participants from outside Prague who are not interested in working within the capital (e.g. accompanying only Czech tourists abroad)

With the examination "General tour guide" you can demonstrate your qualifications as a tour guide to travel agencies and tourists alike.

We conduct lectures in an accessible and interesting form. In the majority of lectures the spoken word of the lecturer is accompanied with an image projection. Thanks to the audio-visual element the lecture is more illustrative, more interesting and above all it is easier for you to remember more and better.

Price of course: CZK 4 500.00 covers the actual course and study materials on CD. The price of the course does not cover the price of the examination, since taking the examination is entirely down to the discretion of the student. We hereby notify you that if you do not take the examination we do not issue separate certification for completing the course.

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TYRKYS, skola cestovního ruchu, Na Morani 5, 120 00 Praha 2, tel: 224 916 485 fax: 224 922 452, email: tyrkys@accommodation.cz


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