Castles, chateaus and ruins in the Liberec region – 1st part

The state castle Bezdez, the chateau Detenice, the state castle and chateau Frydlant, the ruin of the castle Frydstejn, chateau Humprecht and the ruins of Jestrebi.

The state castle Bezdez

Premysl Otakar II., the gold and iron king, founded the gothic castle Bezdez in 1264. On this castle, his son, Vaclav II. was prisoned for few years. In the second half of 17th century, the castle was used as a monastery, but it was abolished by Joseph IInd. From that time, the castle ruined. These ruins inspired for example Karel Hynek Macha. For the visitors, there is prepared a tour of the royal palace, of the chapel with many gothic details. There is also a tower that could be used as a lookout tower.

The castle is opened from April to October.

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The chateau Detenice

On the place of the chateau Detenice, there used to be a stronghold from 14th century. In the 16th century, it was rebuilt to a renaissance chateau. The main author of the baroque reconstruction was the count Jan Kristian Clam-Gallas, that became the owner of the chateau in 1760. The chateau had many other owners, for example the Order of the Knights of Malta. From the end of the WWII to 1990, the chateau was owned by State and it was used as a school and as a student dormitory. In 1998, the chateau became a private possession and it was opened in 2000 to public, after a reconstruction.

The chateau is opened all year long.

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The state castle and chateau Frydlant

The first castle on the place of current chateau Fradlant was founded in 13th century by the dynasty of Ron. The other owners of the castle were lords from the dynasty of Redern – during their ownership, the new chapel was built as well as the renaissance chateau. In 17th century, Albrecht from Valdstejn bought the castle and the surroundings of it supported and supplied the army during the 30 years war. That is the reason whe the whole region thrived – it was called Terra felix – that means the Happy Country. In 1801, the chateau changed its owner again – the new one was the dynasty of Gallas. They transformed the castle into the oldest castle museum in the Central Europe. In the museum, there is an exhibition of historical weapons from 12th century to the WWI, the rooms of Clam-Gallas, the kitchen and the chapel of st. Anna.

The chateau is opened from April do October

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The ruins of Frydstejn

The castle Frydstejn, that was founded during the 14th century, was situated on small, sandstone spur – this situation determined that it used to be a two-storey  castle. One part of the chatea was 15 metres high wall, that is nowadays the main dominant feature of the ruins. Expect from the tower, the remains of sculpted rooms survived as well. An interesting thing is a small room with altar, that used to serve as a chapel.
The ruins are opened from May to October.

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The chateau Humprecht

This chateau comes from the 17th century and its main architect was Carlo Lurag. The chateau used to be a summer residence of count Jan Humprecht Cernin from Chudenice. The chateau has a circular ground plan and on the top of the roof, there is a crescent – the memory of the imprisonment of Jan Humprecht in Turkey. Nowadays, the chateau is a possession of city Sobotka and it is opened to public. According to a legend, there is a well with a treasure that is guarded by a snake with crown – the drowned prince.

The chateau is opened from April to October.

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The ruins of Jestrebi

In the middle of the hardly accessible swamps, on distinctive rock formation, there used to be a castle built in 13th century. This castle was beseiged during 15th century and it is abandoned from 16th century. During the 18th cenutry, the castle was significantly damanged because of the sandstone mining and because of the following collapses of the sandstone mounts. Today, there are only few steps and a part of a wall.
The ruins are opened from April to October.

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Other interesting castles, chateaus and ruins are to be discovered HERE (2nd part) and HERE (3rd part).

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