Exam of a Guide of Prague

How does the exam Guide of Prague look like?

The exam of Guide of Prague is the exam that helps you to prove to the Travel Agencies and to your clients your high professionalism of a guide and you prove that you are able to provide to tourists the specialised explanation about the monuments in Prague.

The exam of The Guide of Prague

The Guide of Prague gives the specialised explanation about Prague, he takes the tourists to the main tours (for example at the Prague Castle) and to the less usual places.

The Guide of Prague should love Prague and its historical monuments. He has to know a lot of information about them and should be able to tell them to the tourists in an fascinating way.

The work of the Guide of Prague is very nice, but also difficult. And it is advantageous as well, because the guide needs to study and to discover all his life. Because nobody knows all the monuments in Prague. It isn´t possible to know everything, but some people are able to know tons of information and facts. The Guide of Prague always studies and discovers the new information. And thats why is this job so interesting and beautiful.

The evidence of the identity of the participant

The participant has to show his valid ID – for example the Identity Card or the Passport.

The written part of the exam:

The first part of the exam is in a form of a test. The main goal of the test is to verify the knowledge of the basic requirements of the Guide of Prague. In the test, you fill in the years, names or circle the correct answer.

During the test, you can try the sample one in order to see how the real one looks like and how difficult it is. For every date of the exam, there is a different test. It takes about 40 – 50 minutes to finish it. He have the experiences that this time is long enough for all the participants. You need to pass this part for at least 75%, if your result is under this border, you failed the exam and you do not take the oral part.

The oral part of the exam

At the beginning of the course, you will receive the set of the exam topics. From this set, you will draw 2 topics. Then you have few minutes for the preparation (you may prepare some brief notes). You will talk about these 2 topics and answer the complementary questions of the committee.

A big advantage is the fact that you will receive the set of the exam topic in advance, so you can make them up and study them well.

There are two possible evaluations of the exam: passed – failed.

The preparation for the exam:

  • Devide the curriculum into smaller pieces and study one part of it every day.
  • Cooperate with the other participants, study together and devide the work.
  • Revise regularly
  • Study outside – walk in Prague and watch around you.
  • Invite your family members and friends and tell them about Prague.
  • Study with pleasure
  • It is wonderful to discover Prague

Use our preparatory courses for the exam!!!!!!

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Why choose TYRKYS?

  • We guarantee an individual approach to clients and the maximum possible flexibility of your education.
  • We are a team of experienced lecturers - university teachers operating in travel and tourism.
  • We will transfer our personal experiences and practical skills from our work in the field of travel and tourism.
  • Excellent location in the centre of Prague at a tram and metro crossing, enabling easy and fast access from all parts of Prague (Karlovo náměstí metro station, Palackého náměstí exit, trams nos.: 3, 4, 7, 10,   14, 16, 17, 21)
  • We co-operate with the College of Business in Prague, the Association of Czech Travel Agents, CR Guides Association, CzechTourism and other prestigious organisations.

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