Exam of a Guide PK 65 021N

How to sign up for the exam PK 65-021N?

If you want to sign up for the exam PK 65-021N – The Guide of the tourism, we ask you to study carefuly the following instructions. The exam PK 65-021N is nowadays the highest level of exam of the Guide of tourism. It is the State exam taken before the authorized person. The authority of the exam is the Ministry for Regional Development. The exam is taken before the authorized person of TYRKYS, the school of the culture of the entrepreneurship in tourism, s.r.o., standed by PhDr. Jolana Kopřiva Myslivcová.

The application form

For the registration to the exam PK 65-021N it is necessary to fill in the application form on the special blank. We will send you this blank via e-mail: ask for it on It is necessary to fill in this form on a computer – in the electronic form (do not forget to use the diacritics in your name or adress). When you finish filling in the form, please, print it out and sign it in hand.
It is possible to send the application form on our adress or deliver it personally to our office Na Moráni 5, Prague 2. Unfortunatelly, it isn´t possible to send this application via internet, because it is necessary to be signed in your hand. 

The date of the settlement of the application form
You can arrange the application form personally from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. Every exam date has its closed date, that means the date until that the application form must be delivered to our office and the application must be paied. Up to the same date, you should send us the other possible documents (for example the demand on inscription your academic title or the demand on recognition of the language compentence). After the closed date, no application form will be accepted. No exceptions are possible.

The appology and not presenting yourself at the date of exam
If the attender doesn´t take the exam and he asks for the excuse of the admission fee for the next exam date, he must give the evidence of the Medical Certificate – he must be 3 days or longer in the state of work inability. It is necessary to send us the certificate no later than 3 days after the end of the inability of work: personally or by post. After receiving that, you will have the possibility to take the exam in the closest date of the exam without any extra fees. In case that you do not accept the closest date of the exam, you can chose another one, but you will have to pay the price according to the pricelist.

If you cannot take the exam from the work, personal or other reasons, you will have to pay for the other date of the exam the price according to the pricelist. In case of resignation on the exam because of the disknowledge or because of your indisposition, you will pay for the next exam date the price according to the price list.

The notation of the academic title on the Certificate
If you have the academic title (for example PhDr., Ing, Mgr and so on) and you wish it to be noted at your exam Certificate, you are obliged to prove it. You need to show the officialy certified copy of your diploma (you can get it for 30CZK at every notary office or municipal council) or the valid ID with the title noted. This must be presented in our office before the closed date.

The recognition of the language skills
If you ask for the recognition of your language skills, it is necessary to prove it by a Certificate of passing the language exam on level B or higher, according to ERR. We will gladly give you the information about your exam, if it is satisfying or not. You can search these info also at the web page of the Ministry of Education of the Czech republic. The common exams on the level B2 are for example: the State exam (all the levels), the high-school leaving exam passed in 2011 or later – so called „higher maturita“, from English for example the FCE exam and, of course, the University studies of the language teachers, translators, interpretors and many other divers exams. We will need the officialy cerified copy of the Certificate, as well.

The pricelist of the exam DK – The Guide of tourism
600CZK for the absolvents of the preparation course up to 3 months after the end of the course
1000 CZK – the first term of the exam for the absolvents of the course from 3 to 12 months after the end of the course
1000CZK – the first or any other retake exam for the absolvents of the course
1500 – the term of the exam (the first or the retaking one) after more than 12 months after the end of the course
3900CZK – the registration fee for the other participants (for the self-study students)

The language part of the exam
After showing the Certificate of the State exam or any other comparable exam of level B2 or higher, there is no need of taking the language exam. If you didn´t take any language exam on level B2 or higher, you need to take that exam here.

The pricelist of the language exams in case of taking it.
1000CZK for languages: German, English, Russian
1500CZK for languages: French, Italian, Spanish
Individual price for the exam of the other languages.

The current dates of the exams you can find in the section ZKOUŠKA PK 65 021 N

Do you have any other question? Give us a call on 224 916 485 or send us an email on or visit us in the office from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

Why choose TYRKYS?

  • We guarantee an individual approach to clients and the maximum possible flexibility of your education.
  • We are a team of experienced lecturers - university teachers operating in travel and tourism.
  • We will transfer our personal experiences and practical skills from our work in the field of travel and tourism.
  • Excellent location in the centre of Prague at a tram and metro crossing, enabling easy and fast access from all parts of Prague (Karlovo náměstí metro station, Palackého náměstí exit, trams nos.: 3, 4, 7, 10,   14, 16, 17, 21)
  • We co-operate with the College of Business in Prague, the Association of Czech Travel Agents, CR Guides Association, CzechTourism and other prestigious organisations.

Visit us in person at: Na Moráni 5, 120 00 Praha 2
Contact us by telephone on: +420 224 917 908
Write us:

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