Loreta in Prague

Loreta in Prague is without any doubt a place with very rich history. It is also a very singnificant Baroque building and the pilgrimage place. The attention of every visitor will be caught by the front facade with the clock tower and the Chime of Loreta that is to be heard every hour. Loreta contains plenty of interesting things that are offered to its visitors every day.

„Loreta“ is the copy of the Loreto Chapel that is to be discovered inside the area. The Loreto Chapel is also known under the name Basicila della Santa Casa and it is the copy of the „Holy House“, where Archangel Gabriel announced to Virgin Mary that she will conceive by the Holy Spirit. The Loreto Chapel is situated in Italy, in city Loreto and it is very worshiped there. Loreta in Prague resembles its Italian model very much – its exterior is richly decorated by reliefs, it is in the middle of the pilgrimage place and it is surrounded by cloister with chapels.

In the chapel at the right corner of the area, there is a statue of st. Starosta (Wigefortis) that is dressed in the real dress and shoes and that has a wig made out of the real hair. The statue of st. Starosta has a full-beard – that fact causes many questions. According to legend, the virginity of the girl was saved because of that beard.

Behind the Loreto chapel, there is a pilgrimage church that could be proud of its preserved rococo interior – it is one of the most beautiful interiors in Prague. The visitors may listen to the local organ during one of the regular concerts.

The music is closely connected to Loreta in Prague. Every hour, the visitors will hear the Chime and during the important church holidays, the organists perform on the chime the important sacral compositions.

The visitors should pay enough attention to the treasury during their visit. In the treasure, there is displayed a big part of the famous Loreta Treasure. While excluding the Treasure of st. Vitus Cathedral (that isn´t accesible to public), the Treasure of Loreta is the most valuable treasure in the Czech Republic.

From 1st July 2010, it is possible to take photos in the area of Loreta for charge. It is necessary to follow some rules – taking photos without flash, without tripod and only for the personal use. The audio guide is available in seven languages (Czech, German, English, Russian, Spanish, French and Italian) as well as the printed guide in 8 languages, postcards and many souvenirs.

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