Traveling with children in the Liberecky region – 1st part

An overview of interesting places and activities for families with children – 1st part.

The fairytale castle Sychrov

The castle Sychrov is one of the most popular castles in the Czech Republic. It is a new-gothic building that is very well known from Czech fairy tales. For children, there is an exhibition called the Fairytale world, where they will meet the most famous Czech princesses, knights and a dragon. Interesting will also be the visit of the aquariums containing the animals living in the rivers Jizera and Mohelka. After the visit of the castle, you may also visit Drabske svetnicky.

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The Trip to Jested

Every child will surely enjoy the visit of this dominant feature of the Liberec region – the transmission tower and the mountain hotel. You may go up to Jested by aerial tramway, so it is possible to visit Jested even with smaller and younger children. In summer, you may go from Jested to one of the nature trails or one of the cycling trails. Children will enjoy a nature trail prepared especially for them. In winter, the Ski area Jested will be prepared for all ski-lovers.

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The World of beads, cheeses and herbes

The Trip Area Pencin prepared an excursion that will lead all of its visitors to the world of pearles. The other parts of the exhibitions are dedicated to cheese and sausage making processes. At the end, the visitors will have the possibility to taste some of the local products. For children, there is prepared a playground, the farm visit and the bead workshop. During the train ride, you will go up to hill to the lookout tower Cerna Studnice and to the Kittel area on Krasna.

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The Water Heaven Kristyna

The Relaxing Area Kristyna next to Hradek nad Nisou offers amazing opportunities. You may swim there, practice water sports and go fishing. In the Relaxing Area, there is also a cable park, so children may enjoy some excitement in the height from 5 to 8 metres. You may also rent a boat and visit Poland and Germany or only enjoy some quiet time alone on the water in the area. Near by the area, there is the chateau Grabstejn, where the visitors will meet the Gothic and renaissance. In summer, there are diver events on the chateau Grabstejn.

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Traveling in Jablonec nad Nisou

The elves Koralek and Jablunka will lead you to the most interesting museums in Jablonec nad Nisou as well as to the lookout towers and sports gounds. Under their lead, you will visit the Museum of Glass and Jewellery and the Gallery Belveder, the Museum of the Jizera mountains, the lookout tower Cerna Studnice and many other interesting and important places. There are 20 objects connected to this project. All the objects offer the stamps, so the visitors may collect them in a special book. Everyone who will receive at least 10 of these stamps will receive the a commemorative coin.

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