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průvodceAccommodation in Prague

průvodce pro region prahaHave fun in Prague

rekvalifikaceLimousine service in Prague

zkouška průvodce cestovního ruchuSurprise your partner

zkouška průvodce PrahouTheatre Tickets


Professional guides

guideWe offer you for your events services of our private professional guides.

průvodce po Prazewe will guide you through Prague and show you the most beautiful sights
průvodce po České republicewe will arrange for you qualified guides for tours of interesting places in the Czech Republic
průvodcewe will arrange for you also guides for visits of interesting places not only in Europe
. . . but also all over the world
delegátwe will arrange for you local representative (delegates) for summer stay tourism at the
. . .seaside or for winter stay tourism on the mountains


tourist guide

Who are our guides?

kvalifikovaniall guides obtained the Tourist trade guide certificate

guide of pragueall guides obtained also Guide of Prague certificate

jazykové znalostiall our guides has an excellent knowledge of foreing languages

ssall guides have at least secondary school education, most of them are graduates

architektiyou will find among them historian, architects, doctors ... simply guides of all professions

they are not only specialists, they are also

společenskýpleasant, sociable and very likable
  guide of prague

Who can use our services?

pruvodcejednotlivciindividual tourists
cestovní kancelářetravel agencies
skupinycompany teams
hotelyhotels and their guests
insentivni turistikacongress participants and incentive tourism

We can arrange for you the professional guides in more than
20 world languages.

Our professional guides will give to you not only special
commentary but they will also answer your questions and
advise you the best places for shopping, eating or where to
go to have fun, etc.

How to book a guide? Write - call - pruvodce@accommodation.cz or +420 224 916 485
JOMYS, tourist centrum,sro, Na Moráni 5, Praha 2


TYRKYS, škola cestovního ruchu, Na Moráni 5, 120 00 Praha 2, tel: +420 224 916 485 fax: +420 224 922 452,
e-mail: tyrkys@accommodation.cz