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Traveling with children in the Liberecky region – 4th part

An overview of interesting places and activities for families with children – 4th part.

The Museum of Dolls and Teddybears under Trosky

In the unique museum under Trosky you will find more than 1000 exhibits of toys. You will discover the history of dolls – dolls made of porcelain, of cloth and of cellulose. After the visit of the Museum, you may also go up and see the ruins of chateau Trosky and discover the towers Panna and Baba (the Virgin and the Old Woman). In summer, you may swim in ponds Vezak and Vidlak, that are known from some famous Czech movies.

For  more information see the web page www.muzeumpanenek.cz or www.hrad-trosky-cz

The adventrure in the Lusatian mountains

In the Lusatian mountains, on ranch Malevil, there are many activities prepared for you. You may try the cable center, climbing walls, 200 metres long slides and a giant swing. On the ranch, you will also meet animals – horses, peacocks, lamas and ostriches. Summer is an ideal time for golf, tennis and trips to chateau Lemberk, in winter, the cross country skiing circuit is prepared as well.

For more information see the web page www.malevil.cz

To the legends of the Bohemian Paradise

12 different fairy tale figures will lead (mostly) younger visitors through the Bohemian Paradise. The children may look forward to bandits, elves and the White lady. All the figures will try to show the most famous legends of the Bohemian Paradise to children. They will lead the visitors to different estates, houses, castles, basements, forests and to natural wells. In the Info Center of the Bohemian Paradise, you may buy a special book called Cestoknizka and then collect the stamps that are to be found on different places in the Bohemina Paradise. After collecting all of them, the traveller will receive a certificate attesting that he really knows the Bohemian Paradise.

For more information see the web page www.ceskyrajdetem.cz

By the rack railway to Krakonos

The rack railway Tanvald – Korenov is the sheerest railway in the Czech Republic. This railway leads from the Jizera mountains to Krkonose through Harrachov and Szklarske Poreby. It is also interesting because of the 923 metres long tunnel and 25 metres high viaduct. At the end station, you may visit the Museum of the rack railway that focuses on the interesting facts about this very rack railway.

For more information see the web page www.zubacka.cz

Stastna zeme (The Happy Country)

In the fun area Stastna zeme in Radvanovice by Turnov, there are various playgrounds, hiking walls and other interesting activities for children. Very popular is also the sightseeing flight in a hot-air balloon or a giant trampoline. In the area, there is also a geopark, where the visitors will meet the nature and the interesting objects from the Bohemian Paradise.

For more information see the web page www.stastnazeme.cz

Other interesting places and activities are listed in our articlesHERE (1st part), HERE (2nd part) and HERE (3rd part).

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