News in the Museum of the Capital city Prague

News, exhibitions and programmes for children and adults.


opening hours: every day except Monday, 9am – 6pm. The last Wednesday in the month: the museum is opened until 8pm.

Entrance fees:
Adults: 120 CZK
Students, seniors: 50 CZK
School groups: 30 CZK
Family ticket: 200 CZK
Children under 6 years: Free

Common tickets:
The Main building of the Museum + The Custom House at Vyton + Chateau Ctenice:
adults: 140 CZK
students, seniors: 70 CZK
family ticket: 230 CZK

The Main building of the Museum + The Custom House at Vyton + Chateau Ctenice + Prague Towers:
adults: 500 CZK
students, seniors: 300 CZK
family ticket: 1200 CZK

: Na Porici 52, Prague 8 – Florenc 


9th April - 22nd April 2014 - from 9:15 am to 4:30 pm - Prague Playful Easter - interactive events for children and adults - they may meet famous or less famous creative techniques and traditions connected to Easter.


  • 9th and 10th April 2014 - Ginger bread baking and its decoratin
  • 12th April 2014 - Decoration of Easter eggs by wax, Easter cards and woodcarving workshop
  • 13th April 2014 - Decoration of Easter eggs by was, creation of Easter figures and other Easter decorations
  • 19th April 2014 - Decoration of Easter eggs by wax, preparation of dashes

Permanent expositions:

  • Prague in prehistoric times
  • Medieval Prague
  • Prague at the turn of Middle Ages and modern times (1437 – 1620)
  • Baroque Prague (1620 – 1784)
  • Langweils model of Prague from 1826 – 1837
  • 3D cimena – virtual flight through the Langweils model of Prague (every Tuesday and Sunday from 9:30 to 17:30)
  • Museum for children – in a form of games in the interior of a medieval house from 14th and 15th century.
  • Spelling book of visitors of the historical monuments – touch exhibition for seeing and unseeing visitors, focused on Romanesque and Gothic style. 


  • Money or life? (5th June – 23rd March 2014) – the exhibition is dedicated mostly to the pupils of elementary schools and it aims to explain them the main role of money. The exhibition is interactive, so the children will discover many information about the financial decision making, the cash-flow and the other economic terms while playing. The exhibition accents the fact that there are more important things in life than money. 
  • Who is scared cannot go to Prague (20th November 2013 – 29th June 2014) – exhibition shows the magical creatures that are somehow connected to Prague. Children may find a treasure as well.
  • Prague of Jiri Bouda. On the water, on the land and on the rail (4th December 2013 - 18th May 2014) - the exhibition prepared as a celebration of 80th anniversary of Jiri Bouda. It focuses on his masterpieces connected to the capital city Prague.
  • History of floods in Prague (30th April - 19th October 2014) - this exhibition aims to remind to people the tragic history of floods in Prague. A special accent is put on floods from year 2013.

The object of the season:

A funeral cast iron in Prague - 7th January - 30th March 2014 - the cast iron was very popular material during the 19th century and it was used everywhere, even on cementeries - many crosses were made of cast iron.

Stations of the Cross - 1st January - 29th June 2014 - a paper cutout of the Stations of the Cross from the 19th century.

Area of chateau Ctěnice

The chateau is opened every day except Monday from 10am to 4pm and on weekends from 10am to 6pm.

Entrance fees:
adults: 100 CZK
students, seniors: 50 CZK
family ticket: 200CZK
School groups: 30CZK
children under 6 years: Free

Address: Bohdanečská 259/1, Prague 9 – Vinoř


Easter in Ctenice

  • 12th April 2014 - Easter creative workshops - creation of more or less traditional Easter symboles in the workshops of skillfuls artisans.
  • 13th April 2014 - from 3pm - a concert of group Spiritual Kvintet

Permanent expositions:

  • Chateau Ctenice / History, Structural development and reconstruction - this exhibition reminds the long and difficult history of the chateau Ctenice and its dominions from the very beginning until these days. It also presents the history of the reconstruction made from 1997 do 2004.
  • History of village Vinor / From prehistory to the 20th century - this exhibition was created in cooperation with the city part Prague - Vinor. The visitors will meet the history of the village Vinor and its interesting changes during ages.


  • Cinderalla/The clothing in fairytales ( 13th December – 2nd March 2014) – costumes of fairytales heroes.
  • The Spelling Book of the Visitors of Memorials - 8th November 2013 - 3rd August 2014 - an exhibition focusing on Romanesque and Gothique style. The exhibition is tactile, so even blind people may fully enjoy it. 


Address: Rasinovo nabrezi 412, Prague 2
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm

In the Custom House, there is a restauration as well.

Entrance fees:
adults: 30 CZK
students, seniors: 20 CZK
family ticket: 50 CZK
school groups: 20 CZK
children under 6 years: free
after showing the ticket to the national cultural memorial Vysehrad, you will receive the 50% discount.

Permanent exhibitions:

  • History of the former Podskali
  • Raft navigation at Vltava
  • From the history of Podskali
  • Freight navigation at Vltava
  • Prague passenger steam navigation


  • Who is scared cannot go to Prague - 20th November 2013 - 29th June 2014

VILLA MULLER, national cultural heritage

Address: Nad Hradním vodojemem 14/642, Prague 6 – Stresovice
Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, tours starts: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm
It is necessary to make a reservation before the tour on phone +420 224 312 012 or on email

Entrance fees:
adults: 300 CZK
students, seniors: 200 CZK
children under 6 years: free
additional fee for the explanation in a foreign language: 150 CZK

From 1st July 2012, the Museum of Capital city Prague administate other objects in Prague. 

The board of the Capital city Prague agreed with the decision about transfering some Prague historical objects under administration of the Museum of the Capital city Prague. More precisely, these objects: The Old-town Bridge Tower, The Powder Tower, the Bridge Tower at Mala Strana, The Tower of the Cathedrale of St. Nicolas, The Labyrinth and the Observation Tower Petřín and the area of Chateau Ctěnice. Museum gains the opportunity to display the objects hidden in depository. 

Entrance fees:
adults: 75 CZK
students, seniors: 55 CZK
family ticket: 210 CZK
children under 6 years: 25 CZK

OPENING HOURS: every day, 10am – 10pm

You can find more information about the Prague Tower in our article HERE

Updated: 17.4.2014

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