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průvodceCourse for general tour guides

průvodce pro region prahaCourse for tour guides for Prague
. . . . region

rekvalifikaceConnected course for tour guides
. . . . plus Prague

tyrkysDeluxe services in courses

průvodce po prazeServices for tour guides

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Re-qualification course General Tour Guide + Tour Guide for Prague region

skola tyrkysThe course covers 120 teaching hours and is accredited by the Ministry
of Education, Youth and Physical Education of the Czech Republic as
a re-qualification course - accreditation no. 4 777/08-20-209. This course
can be paid for by the Employment Office.

Name of educational programme: Combined course for General Tour Guides
and Tour Guides for Prague region
Name of working position or trade: General tour guide

The advantage of this course is that if you wish to take both courses (General
tour guide and tour guide for Prague region), you save both money and time.

The scope of information is equal as to that upon attending both courses, but
eliminating information which repeats. Following completion of the course you
apply separately for the General Tour Guide examination and the Tour Guide
for Prague region examination.

 Scope of authorisation: Examination General Tour Guide applies for all travel
agencies in the fields of domestic travel and tourism (accompanying Czech
tourists within the Czech Republic) and foreign travel and tourism, meaning
that you can accompany Czech tourists abroad and foreign tourists within the
territory of the Czech Republic.
Following successful passing of the examination you obtain the General Tour
Guide certificate. .

Following successful passing of the Tour Guide for Prague region examination you obtain a Certificate for tour
guide activity Tour Guide for Prague region, which is a document of your high level of expertise as a tour guide.

Professional lecturers and teaching methods: within the course you shall be taught by our professional lecturers
(the majority of our teachers lecture at universities), with a wealth of their own experiences as tour guides. You
will obtain all the necessary information in order to become qualified and popular tour guides with tourists.

We conduct lectures in an accessible and interesting form. In the majority of lectures the spoken word of the
lecturer is accompanied with an image projection. Thanks to the audio-visual element the lecture is more
illustrative, more interesting and above all it is easier for you to remember more and better. The theoretical
classroom teaching links to practical teaching. You visit the most significant Prague monuments in person
and are familiarised with the tourist routes in Prague.

Price of course: CZK 8 900.00 covers the actual course and study materials on CD, plus entry to monument
buildings during practical teaching. The price of the course  does not cover the price of professional and language
examinations, since taking the examination is entirely down to the discretion of the student. We hereby notify you
that if you do not take the examination we do not issue separate certification for completing the course.

We teach:

psychologiepsychology in work of tour guide
metodika práce průvodceworking method of tour guide
technika cestovního ruchutechnology and economics of travel and tourism
geografie cest ruchugeography of travel and tourism
historie a dějiny uměníart history and heritage
aktuální společenské děnícurrent social events
kulturně historický místopis Prahycultural history topography of Prague
vychazkapractical visit to important monument buildings and trails

Course dates

Osobní návštěva je možná pondělí až pátek od 9,00 do 17,00 hodin

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