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průvodceCourse for general tour guides

průvodce pro region prahaCourse for tour guides for Prague
. . . . region

rekvalifikaceConnected course for tour guides
. . . . plus Prague

tyrkysDeluxe services in courses

průvodce po prazeServices for tour guides

tyrkysAbout us


Deluxe services for our clients

We secure the highest quality services for our students.

We guarantee you

flexibilitaan individual approach to the client
individuální přístupmaximum flexibility of your education
kvalitahigh standard of provided services
poutavá výukainteresting and clear teaching

In the case that you are unable to attend teaching within the regular dates during the course, it is possible
to arrange a substitute lecture date free of charge on one of the other courses in which there is a vacancy
and if this course is arranged. In the case that you do not attend lectures we do not refund course fees
for lectures not attended.

At the beginning of the course you obtain quality study materials (on a teaching CD) according to the
specification for individual courses. These study materials are only for participants in the courses and are
not sold separately.

učebnaAll lectures take place in small groups. Teaching takes place exclusively in our classroom at Na Moráni 5
(the only exception being practical teaching for Tourist Guide for Prague region courses, which takes place in
the monument buildings themselves). Our premises are fully reconstructed, all equipment is of a high standard.

In the case that you order training sessions for your company outside of the arranged course dates, we can
conduct lectures also within your premises following prior agreement.

dokonalá informovanostCustomer care is at the heart of our interest. An effective method of informing students of any amendments
or newly offered courses is provided as a matter of course. We shall attempt to accommodate your requirements
at all times wherever possible (e.g. transfer to another course or compensation for missed teaching).

individalni konzultaceShould you be interested in individual consultation on the themes we lecture on, we shall be happy to provide
this (the price of one consultation hour is CZK 400.00).

průvodceWe will always be happy to respond to all your inquiries

Call us or visit us in person!


Osobní návštěva je možná pondělí až pátek od 9,00 do 17,00 hodin

TYRKYS, škola cestovního ruchu, Na Moráni 5, 120 00 Praha 2, tel: 224 916 485 fax: 224 922 452, email: tyrkys@accommodation.cz


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